SL Coast Guard Museum

Recently I was handed the following press release….


Become part of history: SL Coast Guard Opens Museum

In 2005 a group was formed with a strong mission in mind. The mission was to educate real life safe boating practices to the residents of Second Life. And since this group formed, it has grown exponentially. And now in its twelfth year of service to the SL grid, it has become one of the largest, and most active groups of maritime safety of its kind. But, this was a journey that only the persistent and brave could endure.

The SL Coast Guard has endured and gone farther than the founder had ever expected. The members of the group come from all over the globe, and from all walks of life. This is a group entirely based on Volunteers who like mindedly share the mission to educate real life boating safety. The stations and substations are located throughout the continents of the main lands of Second Life, and groups of regions that contain large expanses of open waters.

The SL Coast Guard has been active since the inception of the group. The group has evolved to doing more than just boating. They employ eight, both fixed and rotor, aircraft as well as having over eight watercraft from motor powered to sailing craft. Every member is thoroughly trained on the operation of the vessels they use on patrols. Along with boating and aviation training, their members also may take up dive, search and rescue, medical, leadership,and honor guard training.

On February 4, 2017 at Noon SLT, the SL Coast Guard would like to thank the residents of Second Life for their participation in keeping their mission going. They would like to formally invite you to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony commemorating the years of their involvement in the open waters Linden Labs opened up for all to enjoy. The dress attire is formal.

Please don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime event. This is not just a history of the SL Coast Guard, but a history of us, the residents within Second Life. Speakers to include: Sanstrom Laxness, Tig Spijkers, and RJ Kikuchiyo. And presentations of retirement to their retired Admirals and staff will be given out.

The museum is packed with a history of each of the stations, vessels both air and sea, and people involved in their journey. But, none of this could not have happened if people of Second Life weren’t out on the waters, or in the air. Along with the rich history the SL Coast Guard has forged, they have been able to create relationships with various landowners, and have been involved with other groups who share similar visions.

SL Coast Guard Museum


I for one, look forward to this event and getting to see the rich history of the SL Coast Guard.


Prim River National Forest

Prim River National Park

I decided to take a break from my every day duties for awhile and enjoy a mini vacation. I knew of the very spot I wanted to visit first, packed a few belongs and grabbed all my camping gear and made my way to the local supermarket to stock up my cooler before heading over to Prim River National Forest. Exiting the taxi, I stood outside the Lodge trying to decide where to go first and decided to grab an ice cream cone and read over the provided information brochure. I was provided with a list of vacancies and quickly learned which cabins were furnished and unfurnished and campsites that were awaiting visitors to call them home for their vacation, I was even more excited to learn that they offer a private area for campers who wish to have a more secluded area away from others.

I was offered a guided tour of the area through Prim River National Forest Exploration Guide, but I decided to wander around the area on foot and realized I should have thought about my footwear more carefully, doing all that walking in heels was not a good choice.

Prim River National Park Exploration Guide

I began my self guided tour in the Lodge, where you can sit down and have meal prepared for you if you do not wish to cook that day, watch a movie upstairs on the occasion that it is raining, as well camping gear can be purchased if you have not done so prior to your arrival. Outside the Lodge you can head off in several directions, two paths branch off to the left facing away from the Lodge and two paths branch off to the right. Looking away from the Lodge you will notice a number of activities that you, your family and friends can enjoy before you head off to your cabin or campsite. I am sure your children will enjoy the playground and open music/picnic area, or perhaps you have a more daring family who would love to see the area from above in the hot air balloon or venture down the zip-lines.

I disembarked on my journey choosing the path between the gaming tables and playground, only to realize that this was not the best choice with all my gear in tow since there was only one way down… From here you can venture off to the right and explore the caves, or make your way to the left and enjoy a horse back ride or do some hiking or explore the mountains. I continued on the path by foot, seeking out the perfect campsite or cabin for me to enjoy my vacation in; I must have looked like a tourist with my map of the area open as I walked the paths.

Prim River Map 8-30-14

**Please note that out of respect for those renting campsites or cabins I did not take pictures of these sites, what you are seeing are open public areas and open rentals**

I wandered past booked campsites and cabins, as well I passed some gorgeous empty spots waiting for their next visitor. As I ventured around Prim River National Forest, I took into consideration each site and what was offered around the area. The already furnished cabins and campsites had a great deal of attention paid to how they were laid out; creating a very welcoming campsite. There is ample space between sites as well to ensure your families privacy. If you are not interested in already decorated sites and using the owners gear, you have the option to rent an empty campsite or cabin that you can decorate with your own personal gear and touches. I do not know why it surprised me to also find an outdoor showering and toileting area within the campsite areas. As I continued to wander, I found spread around the park logs with pillows, benches, picnic tables to allow you to either rest or enjoy a picnic lunch away from your site.

The owners of Prim River National Forest have thought about everything that could be enjoyed outdoors. You can rent row boats and show your family and friends around the park or venture off to do a little fishing. You and your family can spend the day at the beach, play in the play ground, picnic with others, listen to music, and make new memories together. Maybe you are a competitive family and bumper boats are more your style. Not far from the park you will also find a bowling alley, paintball arena, and an outdoor movie area.

I cannot stress how important it is to remember that not only are you sharing the forest with other families, but as you wander around you will find that wild life is around every corner and we need to respect that this is their home as well.

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In their own words….

Prim River is a family friendly sim.
We offer; hiking/cave exploration, swimming, 7Sea Fishing, horseback riding, boating, Skeet Shooting, Krafties, horseshoes, zip-line, hot-air balloon rides, new release movies, playground, LIFE/Xeolife enabled showers & restrooms, picnic area, dining hall, game-room and so much more.

Park Size

Currently Prim River National Forest is spread out across two gorgeously decorated and landscaped sims, with a number of cabin and campsite options along with entertainment that is sure to keep all family members busy for days.

Campsites and Cabins

The campsites and cabins are spread out between the two sims, with the bulk of sites spanning a larger, well laid out area to the north and south west area.

Campsites : 500-1375 weekly with 200-500 prims *campsites come either furnished or unfurnished*
Cabins : 500-1500 weekly with 200-500 prims *cabins come either furnished or unfurnished*

*The price ranges are from my own observations of the rental boxes that were available as I wandered around the sim*

My Overall Impression

Prim River National Forest, has thought of everything that you and your family might enjoy and went further than the traditional image of a campground. I was very impressed with the number of site options, campsites and cabins both furnished and unfurnished. The owners went the extra mile to ensure that all your needs would be met while you spend time at their facilities. I personally have enjoyed sitting outdoors by the nurse logs, fishing, and swimming. I have enjoyed the privacy that my little cabin has provided while I entertain my friends and family. You will not be disappointed in your visit to Prim River National Forest.

The sim is rated Mature.

Your taxi to visit Prim River National Forest is waiting.

Changes to the Blog

In light of a recent event, I have decided to make one major change to how I write my posts.

I will no longer be giving a ranking to a Family sim/event/attraction that I visit and share with you.

Instead what you will get is what I see and find at the location, pictures that I take during my visit, information that I gather either through observations or from conversations that I have with the owners/managers/or even those who live there. You will get sense of the communities feel, how much homes and apartments are being rented for biweekly, and when possible the prim allotment for the rental.

I will share with you events the community holds on a regular basis, what amenities are there to draw you in, and what is being offered for families who may be looking for a place to call home. You will see the sims rating G/M/A as I feel this is important to make note of, and what age group an event is for.

You will still see my opinion on the sim, but I encourage you to visit the location for yourself.

Orchard Heights

Logo Orchard Heights w Slogan

In their own words

♥ ~ Introducing Orchard Heights, SL’s newest family community. ~ ♥

Our homes range in size, so whether your family is 2 or 10 we think you will find Orchard Heights will be the place you would love to call home. Home is where the heart is and at Orchard Heights we aim to always provide that comfortable country feeling complete with great people, fun times and full family Role Play opportunities.

Community Size

Currently Orchard Heights is home currently to 3 gorgeously decorated sims (Ocean Point, Apple Hill, and Into the Wild), one of which is still being worked on and is not open to the public. As you wander around Orchard Heights you will walk many paths over various elevations throughout the phases of development. Ideally the owners would like to grow the community to 10 sims within the next three months, an ambitious goal.


The homes are spaciously spread out through the community, and offer to meet the needs of any family whether you are one, two people or a large family. Each home comes with a varying number of prims. The owners state in their information package that they can work with you if you do not like a home or need a little bit more to meet your family needs.

Housing Rentals : 650-3450L

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Community Areas

Orchard Heights has thought of many community areas that are sure to meet your needs. As you wander you will find a park, a garage, a bakery,  elementary and high school with dorm rooms being offered for students, outdoor pavilion where one can hope many community events take place. There are animals around every corner. There are plans for a medical centre, fire department, and police force being placed in phase 3. The owners are hoping to have a family and couples restaurant join to make your role playing experiences even better.

The owners and event coordinator plan on running monthly events  story time in the Library and concerts which will take place in phase 4. Along with themed events such as Easter activities starting next week. They plan on offering a lot activities for children and adults.

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My Overall Impression

I came to Orchard Heights by request from one of the owners of the sim. I rarely get community requests and decided that this would be a perfect time to check out a new community. I had seen pictures on Flickr and through their own adverts posted in various groups on Facebook, but this did not prepare me for what I would see when I arrived.

Upon landing, I was greeted by the offer of landmark or information which is provided through a lovely slide show display of various images and a folder filled with information about Orchard Heights. I was also offered a group tag and one of the owners IMed me asking if I had any questions or needed assistance; I have only had one owner offer me this in the past. The owner is very helpful, answered questions, and provided information that I had not been looking for.

The sim is carefully laid out for any wayward wanderer to navigate with ease. I was impressed by their attention to details and carefully placed environmental decor. I will admit that I was left wanting more and even asked if phase 3 was open yet. I was impressed with the uniqueness of how the sims were connect with bridges and waterways. The various elevations allow for individuals to seek out a view that they prefer including individual islands and homes right on the water.

The only downfalls I found were the banlines which I hope are not there for group members living in the community, they were distracting and one sent me flying into the air. The other was the continual greeting that was received several times over my visit, hopefully that is solved with either guest tag or a permanent residence tag.

In the end I give Orchard Heights 10/10.

To visit Orchard Heights click here.

All The Little Things


Each month a group of talented and creative designers gather together to peddle their wears to a diverse group of like minded individuals in Second Life. All The Little Things caters to a special group of role players, those who take on the persona of a child. In the past All The Little Things focused on just one group of individuals and has since changed their focus to include all children from Toddleedoo, SMB avatars, to regular kids. They also welcome creators of all ages opening their doors to Tweens as well.

Each month is based around a theme for the designers to create amazing products around. Some sell clothing, toys, poses, and so much more. There is a little something for everyone. The event runs from the 1st of the month until the 22nd of the month.

If you are looking to do a little shopping for the child in your life be sure to add All The Little Things to your list of events to attend each month, you never know what you might find.

You can more information about the monthly events and see pictures featuring products being offered by visiting All The Little Things on Facebook and Flickr.

For now, your taxi awaits.

Tour of Lights 2015

[ free bird ] 2nd Annual Tour of Lights Dec 18 - 21

Welcome to the Second Annual Tour of Lights!

This residential tour will lead you to some of the most festive, beautifully decorated homes in SL.

There is nothing better to get you into the holiday spirit, so grab your cocoa and mittens as we go over the river, through the woods, and into the imaginations of your fellow SL residents!

The Christmas seasons is upon us and with that comes elaborately decorated homes, both inside and out. Come join me for the Tour of Lights, which begins at [free bird]. Feel free to visit SL Tour of Lights for more information.

Like everyone else I began my adventure at [free bird]. Tapping gently on the sign, I read all directions (ok maybe I didn’t) and then followed the green arrow down the elf tunnels. I was not overly sure as to what I should expect and was delighted to find out the tour not only included the outside of the decorated homes and sims, but also the inside.

Landing in each location you can tell the home owners poured every ounce of love into their decorating. Many went far beyond my expectations and included activities such as skating, sledding, interactive displays (which I encourage you to try), gifts (which can be rather humorous, I mean who doesn’t need a dental hygiene kit and catnip for Christmas), even camping in igloos, and ice fishing.

I was impressed to learn that not only were private sim owners taking place in the tour but also individuals who live in family communities. I learned that penguins actually enjoy being indoors nestled next to snow covered logs, that Santa has a naughty concentration camp (wonder if I know anyone there). One sim even made me feel like I was in a far off land, with a secret laying behind each tree.

While visiting each location, all 47 of them, be sure to wander around and enjoy what is being offered. It is easy to get lost in one location for longer then you intend to. Remember that these are peoples homes and while roaming about the sim, there may be locations that are out of bounds (denoted by ban lines), respect their privacy.

Enjoy the slide show (more photos to be added once they are edited)

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While I have a few favourites of my own, I will not tell you which ones they are, you need to go and see these gorgeous displays for yourself.

I highly recommend going on this tour with your family and friends. Your children will enjoy the amazing light shows, the activities, and even all the treats being offered. For now I am on my way to sleep off my hot chocolate coma.

Please share with me what you thought about the Tour of Lights.



The Blessings Fair


A family event ! We will feature some of SL Best designers that cater to Moms , Children and Dads alike. A month of fun and Family awareness. We will have Gifts , Prizes and Hunts. Join us from Dec 5th to Jan 5th Location Details

Because we last all month long we will be changing our booths regularly please feel free to drop by there will also be hunts and prizes and parties all month long!!! I cant wait to see you there!

If your have any questions please contact Isis Coy

This is the perfect event for any couple thinking of adding to their family or for those who already have families. Before even entering the event, there are two separate sections one for the dads and one for the moms (personally the dads look like they are having more fun over in their area 😉 ).

Once you wander up those stairs, you are surrounded by a number of vendors. I am sure the ice cream vendor and candy machine is going to be busy by a number of expecting moms craving sweets. I suggest you join the group to keep updated on new stores, events, and activities that may take place over the course of the event. Good luck finding the hunt items and I hope you enjoy the prizes. Stores range from products for children, moms, and I think I even spied a few for dads. Vendors are also available to meet with to speak about any concerns the expecting mom may have.

Enjoy your visit!


The event runs from December 5 to January 5. Be sure to add this to your list of events to attend this month. It is my understanding that a number of events have been planned over the course of the month so be sure to check back regularly; wouldn’t want you to miss something new.

Your taxi to the Blessings Fair awaits.